Large Bundle

I'm getting out of the game and am looking to sell all of my gear. I'm in Northport, AL, and am willing to drive a little bit to meet. I'll also ship if the buyer pays shipping costs. $420 is for the whole bundle, but you can DM me if you want to buy certain items.

Note below where items that have sold separately are marked as sold/removed.

  • G&G CM16 Raider: Lightly used, good condition. W/ working battery and original box
  • Echo1 Stag-15 M4: Used, good condition. W/ working battery
  • Echo1 P90: Used, good condition. W/ working battery
  • USMC M4: Used, doesn't work. Boneyard. (W/ working battery)
  • 5 mid-cap M4 magazines
  • 1 high-cap M4 magazine
  • 1 60/70 round P90 magazine
  • Valken MARPAT full face mask (airsoft/paintball): used maybe three times
  • Woodland camo mesh mask for lower face and ears
  • Black mesh lower face mask
  • 1 point harness
  • 2 point sling - EDIT: This item has been REMOVED, and the bundle price reflects this change.
  • MICH 2001 helmet (tan) w/ ACU helmet cover
  • ~12,000 Matrix 0.23 g bbs
  • 10,000+ Matrix 0.25 g bbs
  • ~1,500 Matrix 0.20 g bbs
  • ~600 black sniper bbs
  • Speed loader
  • Large ACU camo duffel bag w/ shoulder strap (As seen in one of the pictures, one of the carry handles is broken.)
  • M4 Red Dot Sight w/ 20mm weaver QD Mount Base (I currently can't get it to work. Not sure if that's because the battery is dead and I can't get the battery compartment open or if it's because the scope itself is broken.)
Condition: Used