STILL Looking to Buy WWII Period Weapons LOCAL ONLY

Hello! I am looking to possibly collect a couple more period WWII or even possibly Vietnam War weapons.
I currently have a decent M1 carbine GBB, M16A1 AEG, and a 1911 GBB.
I’d really love to add a M1 Garand, Thompson, BAR, MP40, MP44, Luger, M3, Springfield 1903, KAR98 , ANY ACCURATE bolt sniper rifle, etc.. from the WWII Era.
From the Vietnam era I would love to an add AK47.
I am not exactly set on one particular format of GBB and AEG but want real wood when applicable and all guns must be in WORKING condition. I do not have the knowledge really for real repairs.
I insist on local. (No shipping) I will be willing to drive a couple hundred miles from Rockford Illinois, providing it’s worth the drive. I must be able to inspect prior to purchase.
If you think you have something that I am looking for please drop me a line! The goal is that they look like the real deal. I have never actually participated in airsoft battle play. My passion is backyard plinking and I like to feel the nostalgia of the weapons and learn about the history.
Thanks for your time.

Condition: Like New