Echo 1 G36c X (Battery,2-450 rd hicaps, grip, 0.23 matrix bbs 5k)

Old gun, however efficient and still works well (Has only been used approximately 6-8 times max).
Only minor issue with the gun: on semi-auto you can't rapidly spam the trigger. You must completely pull the trigger all the way and let go. Otherwise, it will lockup and you will have to play with the selector switch and shoot to get it to fire again which can be inconvenient if you have someone on your sights. To fix this issue if it occurs: move it from safety, to semi, to full and fire, if it doesn't fire keep playing with it until it does.
Comes with 2 working hi-cap magazines, 5000 Matrix 0.23 bbs, a nice grip with side rails, and a BRAND NEW TITAN 7.4 LIPO Stick type battery 3000MAH 16c (only opened to see if it fits the gun, which it does). You have to buy a LIPO balanced charger to charge the battery if you don't already have one. The wall charger it comes with is for NIMH batteries.
Here is a better description of the gun and its internals
Here is a description on the battery

Condition: Used