A Bunch of Stuff

This is everything.

G&G CM16 $100 -
Mushroom piston head
Matrix high-speed motor
Other aftermarket internals
Needs general maintenance/tech work
Suppressor w/o end cap = amplifier
Original rear sight
Matching new front sight and rear sight
Handguard with fixed vertical grip
King Arms Thompson M1A1 $75 -
Some aftermarket internals
Needs general maintenance/tech work
KWC Co2 Blowback M1911 $50 -
3 magazines which need mag rebuild kits
Need general maintenance/tech work
Lancer Tactical M4 $50 -
Rarely used
Not modified

Mock Strike Face Plates $10
Basic airsoft vest $15
Elastic plate carrier cummerbund $20
Kansas National Gaurd Backpack $10
Basic airsoft mask $10
High cap magazines x4 $10
Mid-cap $5
Holster $2
A bunch of gearbox internals $30 (not pictured)

I would prefer to get rid of everything as a whole, but I am willing to sell guns, and some stuff independently, I am also willing to fluctuate in price. Message me for more details.

Condition: Used