Heckler & Koch Licensed USP Compact w/ Kydex Fobus Holster

I have a pretty well used HK Licensed USP Compact. I’m not aware of the OEM, but from what I’ve heard from showing other fellow tech’s, they think it’s too old to be a KWA.. I also don’t think it’s a VFC/Umarex since they put their trademarks on everything they make. It isn’t a TM, because the barrel and slide are both really nice quality metal. From the information I could gather, I believe it’s made by KJW.. but I could be wrong.
It comes with a black Kydex Fobus Holster, it also has a threaded barrel on it, (it has the orange paint on it, but someone tried to paint it black but the orange is still pretty visible). The biggest downside to this sidearm is that I don’t have a magazine for it.. I originally bought it in a lot sale, but (a buddy of mine does have a KWA version of this pistol and he let me borrow it so I can not only see if it works, but I also wanted to troubleshoot if there was anything wrong with it) and luckily I did because the hammer spring, nozzle return springs and the guide rod spring all lost their retention. Once I put in new springs, this thing actually shot pretty snappy and pretty accurate.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Condition: Missing Parts but Functions