Custom Built m4 (looking for HPA)

This is my custom m4 Aeg, barely used. I am only putting it on here cause I want to see what people would trade me for it. Interested in high quality custom builds or just nice guns... probably will not sell, only trade. Mostly looking for an HPA setup.

$ 620 Build... parts listed below:

I put a new gearbox in (ares gen 5 high torque gearbox with micro switch trigger system) flat skeletonized trigger,($150)

6.03 tightbore inner barrel ($40)

madbull barrel nut ($30)

Prowin hop up ($40)

Maple leaf Bucking($15)

JG BLUE 30k high torque motor ($65)

Externally is all metal body with keymod rail, ($200)

LT suppressor, ($25)

APS dynamic hand stop,($10)

and a UTG red and green dot. ($45)

Altogether a $620 build.

About 400 fps, good trigger response, and about 25 rps with an 11.1 lipo

If you trade me an hpa setup I will include a 30c valken lipo battery.

Condition: Like New