Gun Bundle, 1 Rifle, 1 Sniper, 1 SMG, 3 Pistols, And Gear

Full metal AK47, Completely black (Excluding the orange tip)
Comes with two batteries and a charger, a shoulder strap, and 3 magazines for it. Can support scope/sight mounting on top and as the option to add a under-barrel attachment.
This gun was never used in the field, it was used for some light target practice and only has a few scrapes.

A scoped sniper with a bipod. Bipod is missing a screw. The scope it self is damaged on the inside, however personally I could still hit the target using what was left of the reticle. The scope can come off and be replaced with a new one. Body is plastic and metal mixed. This gun was only used for target practice.

SMG, full metal body, never been used at all. Comes with 1 battery. Fully automatic or semi automatic firing options. It's a GSG 522 I believe.

WG CO2 Powered Full Metal 400 FPS Airsoft Revolver Snub Nose, Speed reloader,. Comes with 11 cartridges and a cylinder speed reloader. This gun has never been used in the field before and was only used for a few target practices. Co2 goes into the hand-grip compartment, and it has a top rail mount allowing for a scope/sight.

Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer, AirSoft Co2 Pistol Comes with 2 clips and a holster. Package. This gun uses Co2 in the grip compartment. It has never been used in the field and only used for a few target practices. I believe it shoots around 400Fps or so. It's lightweight and has a plastic body.

We-Tech Green Gas Blow-back Pistol, Full Metal body, Thumb Safety on Grip .
I'm unsure of the model of this blow-back pistol. The gun it self has never been used in the field and has only been used a couple of times for target practice. This gun uses green gas not Co2! The green gas goes into the bottom of the clip. Blow-Back pistols have a little kick. Not like a real gun or anything like that, but just don't be surprised and drop the gun.

Also includes a basic black helmet, an XL green vest that has slots for mounting ammo pouches (It comes with a rifle magazine pouch) 2 pistol holsters are also included and each holster have pouches to hold small pistol clips. 2 speed reloaders included for reloading the sniper clip and the pistol clips. 3 shoulder/weapon straps included to make carrying the bigger guns easier. A plastic knife with sheath for close encounters. And a shit ton of ammo, around 35000 rounds or so.

Condition: Used