Airsoft bundle - guns and gear

In this bundle is a: G&G GR16 Raider w/ "Zombie Killer" suppressor and an upgraded "Angel Custom" barrel. AEG comes with 3 mags, is like new and shoots ~330 fps. The sidearm is a Springfield XD .45, is gas powered and is brand new; never been used. It comes with 3 mags, as well. The vest is a standard, black, cross draw tac vest (no pistol holster). The face mask is a mesh, half-face protector and is OD green. The goggles are a basic, nothing special. There are 3 bags of BB's and all are 0.20 G, which both guns are built to shoot. 2 of the bags of BB's have not been opened (5,000 rds) and one bag is open, but is basically full (almost 15,000 rds total). The last item is a speed loader. I don't see myself playing anytime soon and all this stuff has just been sitting, waiting to be played with - it needs a new home! Everything you need to start playing is right here!

Condition: Like New