I have finally decided to sell my airsoft collection, this is one the most coveted holy grail items I have, EXTREMELY rare, out of stock on most sites overseas and virtually unheard of at airsoft shops in the states.

This is a Made in Japan, Tokyo Marui No.1 MP5A5 HC (High Cycle) Carbine style AEG SMG with collapse-able PDW style stock, HK style diopter iron sights in NEW Condition! True once in a lifetime find. most of these with the licensed HK markings are either removed, glued/marked over, etc for them to pass US customs. I have not seen another US seller with one of these for sale.

Was purchased new around 2011-2013 from RedWolf Airsoft, when received it was function tested, and some target shooting, never used it in a skirmish didn't want to beat it up. Kept it put away, battery discharged, kept in box climate and humidity controlled room. Has just been re-function tested yesterday, around 30 rounds of .25g bb's in each of the mags, everything works flawless, semi and full auto. Is extremely flat shooting, and the High Cycle full auto really dumps the airsoft bb's in an accurate straight line.

Includes the original box, cleaning rod, TM instruction manual packet and info, the 8.4v battery, the MP5A5 w/ saftey muzzle plug, the TM high cap winding drum mag, and 2 TM high cap winding stick mags (not sure of the exact capacities) The muzzle device is threaded for a mock airsoft suppressor, pictured is an HK looking replica which attaches on and gives it an authentic look (Not sure if I want to include this in the sale, these are extremely hard to come by as well, may change my mind)

AEG, uses a factory tamiya connector 8.4v 1600mah battery, was charged with a Tenergy Smart Charger, then discharged when not in use. Basically a new battery with lots of life in the cells

Great piece of rare TM & Airsoft history up for grabs, collectors, or true sporting enthusiasts.

Locals can check it out, test it out, price may be negotiable, I'd like it to go to a good home 18+

Would rather pickup or deliver in the South Hills / Pittsburgh area, shipping is a possibility.

Call/Text with any questions, Thanks for looking!

Condition: New