LiPo Battery 11.1v 2100mah 10c

Brand new, multiple available
LiPo Battery 11.1v 2100mah 10c RPK/LRG For Airsoft
Superior performance starts from the power source, so don’t risk victory using a generic battery system. All Spartan batteries undergo rigorous testing and quality control before shipping out, ensuring every player is satisfied with their purchase. These batteries provide the best possible power output for the longest amount of time This equates to an increase in trigger response and higher rate of fire.

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11.1v Lithium (LiPo) Battery
Fits great in most airsoft guns and gives you a high rate of fire
Milliampere Hours: 2100mAh
Cell Type: Lithium Polymer
Connector Type: Large
10c Continuous Discharge rate of 26 Amps with 32.5 Amp Bursts
Works with most airsoft guns
This item is only compatible with airsoft products and can not be used with any real firearms.