MASSIVE XTP Lot, gun, carbine kit, co2, bbs, mags, extended mags.

Need more pics?lemme know. Do not try to scam me by asking for my cell.
This is a MASSIVE airsoft lot for sale. I will not be considering selling out this lot, as it is a perfect package. I will be including price info, please read fully if you are interested (the mags are NON-leaky, the toy functions well, for those who are concerned)
Ill break down the RETAIL prices, and include my prices for each item aswell.
Shipping:VARIES. Work it out with me, im sure we can come to an agreement.

Tan Hornet: 115$ retail; selling $80

Carbine Kit: 80$ retail; selling $60

Normal Mags: 150$ as a lot retail; selling $100

Extended mags: 90$ as a lot retail; selling $80

CO2: 80$ as a lot retail; selling for $60

BBs (20K of .20s): 40$ retail; $40 for sale (unopened)

The only problems? None :D
All mags are SOLID, i even have some spare nozzels for the mags if you want them for free.
removed the slide catch on the black hornet, it wont lock back when out of ammo, but on full auto this will help you dump CO2 removing any pressure from the mags.

I will take negotiations or offers. If you dont know the nature of this massive lot, please do not hit me up. It is of high quality, and i will allow testing of each and every item to satisfy buyer needs. HMU, i will ship, i would love to sell this quickly to the first reasonable offer :)

Condition: Like New