Fully Licensed H&K Mp7 Replica Green Gas

Fully Licensed VFC H&K MP7.
Collapsible stock, auto/semi and safe function.

2 50rnd gas Extended Mags

NC Star Red Dot Four Reflex Sight which has a lifetime warranty and warranty card is included.

Mock Navy Suppressor w original box.


Silicone " If shipping company allows "

Propane Adaptor

Stock Orange Bird Cage Muzzle Brake

The H&K MP7 VFC comes in its original H&K box from the manufacturer.

I have used it one time. I had an accident not very long ago and can no longer join in on the fun. When I used it in my back yard I properly used silicone and butane.

This Mp7 Green Gas Replica is in " Like New " condition.

If you would like more information or pictures please contact me

Condition: Like New