Elite Force M4s, G&G EBB M4

All of the guns I sell are tuned up, repaired, and upgraded if necessary. I always clean the barrel, shim, regrease, and air seal them, as well as replace any broken or bad quality parts. I always do my best to make sure that the gun you're getting will be reliable, and something that will last you a long time. All AEGs are Tamiya wired and come with mags.

All guns are priced without shipping included, however I'm open to offers and flexible on price.

Elite Force M4s:

These are some good budget beginner/loaner guns. It's no secret however that Ares has some crappy parts in them, for example their play-doh bushings, nonexistent airseal, and paper thin buckings. That's why I've upgraded them with some reliability/consistency parts and a few externals that were missing when I got them. They do however have a microswitch. I'll list the parts for the one with, and without the carry handle here:

Carry handle M4: $120

  • 4 prong flash hider

  • real steel handguards

  • SHS air nozzle

  • SHS 8mm bushings

  • Madbull blue bucking

  • Shimming, regreasing, air seal fixes

M4 w/o carry handle: $100

  • SHS air nozzle

  • SHS 8mm bushings

  • Modify soft bucking

  • Shimming, regreasing, air seal fixes

G&G Top Tech TR16 R4: $250

This gun is pretty cool. It's got a pneumatic blowback system which some people don't like, but can be easily disabled by replacing the cylinder. It also has a feature where pressing the forward assist decompresses the spring. For the most part it has been left as is, except for a new motor. Here's the list of work done to it:

  • Neo magnet motor, unknown brand. About as strong as an ICS turbo-3,000 motor.

  • Shimming, regreasing

  • Air seal fixes in main cylinder and blowback unit

Condition: Used