The most destroyed piece of S#*? On Earth (read description)

Hello everyone I invite u to make an offer on this absolute atrocity of the airsoft world. I had begun to strip this gun for parts and only wanted the stock. And look at it now in pieces, just like my heart from 5 ex's and getting dumped 5/5 times :')

-buy it for the meme
-has the national rose and says made in Uzbekistan
(Super rare XD)
-stock is included but isn't I n the photo (no buttplate)
-The gearbox works and moter work but the gearbox needs new wires
-needs inner barrel
-some assembly required

Around a year ago I attended an airsoft event at my local field we were playing a game called USSR vs USA. This is a game where one team are the Russians and the other are the Americans and both sides are fighting for a nuclear warhead that's protected by 10 special forces unit in the middle of the city. I was part of the 10 special forces tasked with the protection of the warhead and if it was lost we would go get it from who ever took it. 30 minutes in 50+ kills and we lost the warhead to the Americans me and 4 others were sent to retrieve it but I stopped for a second and put my gun down and fixed my mask cuz it was going up. As I was sitting there fixing my mask a 13 year old armed with a taggin shell in a rotating 40mm launcher and a dye mask shot my gun with a anti marker shell and cracked the entire upper on the left side and made the gun inoperable. The kid laughed at me and whiped out the good old full auto Glock w/ extended mag and dumped all 55 rounds into him.

Condition: Non-Functional