I rather trade them both for a Tokyo Marui MWS Or Viper Tech GBBR with some mags rather than selling. Some other offers for GBBR are welcomed too, except KWA LM4. Will consider E&L/LCT AK if it is the model that I like. Willing to send video of test shooting

price is high, but I'm willing to negotiate

Part list:

VFC SCAR H: $650

MREX rail
Magpul handstop
4 Scar-H mag + magpul
repro eotech + G33

Barrel section:
stock barrel
Maxx hopup
pdi w-hold

Gearbox section:
SHS 12:1
high torque CNC motor
SHS full steel teeth piston
Maxx air nozzle
VFC Avalon air chamber

EMG mk 18: $550

PTS stock
PTS motor grip (can throw in a low profile one too)
PTS MOE ( can throw in angled foregrip if requested)
Magpul MBUS
repro Holo sight
M300 light
PTS supressor
mk 18 flash hider

Maxx ME pro hopup
PDI hold
stock barrel

Gearbox section:
SHS 12:1
stock piston area because it is good enough
high torque motor

Only doing trade and deals in radius of 100 miles around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. no shipping. If shipped, buyer has to pay for shipping

Condition: Used