Hand built JG BAR-10 sniper (450 fps with .36)

I am selling because I am a mountain bike racer and I played with this while out from racing because of a strange leg muscle injury. Airsoft kept me entertained for 3 months. However, I played with this setup, as is, for about 5 games. I need to get this sold, feel free to shoot me an offer (see what I did there? Shoot? Ok I'll show myself out)
Rifle: Hand built JG BAR-10
Specs: 450 FPS with .36, 400 with .40, easily hits a person at 300 ft.
Internals, handpicked and installed by me, and certain parts where professionally machined to fit perfectly together.
Laylax PSS10 Spring guide (30 USD)
Tokyo Marui Hop up (75 USD)
Maple Leaf 45 degree bucking
Tokyo Marui m170 spring
Angle Custom Zero Omega trigger (150 USD)
Angel Custom piston and cylinder head (machined to fit perfectly and double o ring sealed) (70 USD + 40 for machine work)
6.01 tight-bore inner barrel
Lancer tactical riflescope 3x9 power (45 USD)
Novritsch stock pouch (30 USD value)
everything in the photos, including case. So ammo, speedloaders, mags, etc. Also a bag of spare parts full of the stock internals.
Gun is outwardly stock while inwardly an absolute monster. A sleeper, if you will. This setup cost me about 625 dollars new (just the gun and not counting taxes). I will provide video evidence of the gun in perfect working order and will take a video of myself taking it apart and showing off the internal parts to prove my truthfulness if requested. This thing is a real beast!
Please do not ask if I still have it for sale. If it's here, I do.

Condition: Like New