Airsoft guns and gear for cash/trade for HPA!


Cash or trade only. Please include contact information if you're going to message me, I'd prefer not to talk on email. All prices based on online sellers like Evike, Airsoft GI, etc. I'll give you a better price if you want more than one item.

Thanks for checking this stuff out. - Tom

VFC SCAR-H, kept completely stock (New $350)
EGLM (New $100)
KA 84 round gas 'nade (New $30)
Mid-cap VFC mags x4 (New $26 EACH)
High-Cap VFC mag (New $30)
3 7.62 Magpuls (New $10)
Flashhider (New $25)

ABOUT: The best AEG I've owned and absolutely my favorite but I want a change. My loss is your gain. Performs like a beast and was my go to for cqb and outdoor fields. Kept in fantastic condition, hasn't seen play in a long time. Also has the black flash hider. The gas 'nade needs a new o-ring apparently, I never used it myself. I'd like to trade this for an HPA system (preferably m4 variant) but I'm willing to let all of this stuff go for $530. ($649 IF YOU WANT THIS STUFF ANYWHERE ELSE)

JG AK 74 - (New $195)
High caps x2 - (New $15 EACH)
Mid cap (New $12)

ABOUT: Great AEG only used a handful of times. Wired to the stock and has an electric blowback that I believe can be disabled with some minor surgery on it. Real dark wood furniture on the stock and hand guard. It's missing the little plastic cap on the fire selector, but aside from that this thing looks new. I'll let it go for $180 ($237 OTHERWISE)

Elite Force 1911 - (New $125)
Spare Elite Force mag (New $40)

ABOUT: My go to sidearm for a long time. Very reliable and amazingly solid feel to it. I kept it very clean and maintained but recently I got a new sidearm that I like a little more. Both of the mags have issues, one has a leak and needs a new o ring and the second one has a broken mag lip. The lip is actually an easy fix, its a $4 part on airsoft station or you can just 3D print one. I'll give it to you for $100. ($165 IF YOU WANT THIS STUFF ELSEWHERE)

KJW P226 (New $140)

ABOUT: This was a gift to me that I never actually brought to a field more than once. Had a ton of fun that time though. The slide and mag have been customized into a sleek 2 tone silver and black finish. This thing is a good type of HEAVY. The CO2 mag sometimes leaks so I'd reccomend putting in a fresh o-ring. I'll sell for $90.

Spring 1911 and spare mag (New $40)

ABOUT: My first. I spray painted the slide gold because I like COD too much as a kid but I did a surprisingly good job of it (lol). The hammer is missing but it wasn't functional anyway, it was just for decoration. I'd reccomend this for a kid or someone just starting who needs any type of sidearm to get started. I'll give it to you for $20.

Arena Anti-Fogging FlakJak Tactical Goggle, smoke/grey lenses (New $50)
Coyote brown/tan 'nade pouch (New $15)
Drop-leg black holster (New $15)

ABOUT: The lenses on the flakjak's are dark so I only recommend for outdoor play. Make me an offer on this stuff, I don't bite :)

I've got some spare batteries if you need as well, just let me know.

Condition: Used