Krytac PDW/SPR p* F2 HPA read description

Krytac mk2 pdw
Krytac SPR upper
Krytac SPR upper barrel/hop assembly
Polarstar f2 (installed)
Ninja 90/4500
Ninja 38/3000
Amped SLP regulator
T1 replica on PDW upper
Scope on SPR upper
Key mod grip
Amped igl line
Noveske tracer unit
Amped remote line
Adjustable speed blade trigger

Easily over 1500$ of gear, basically you get a PDW and a DMR HPA all in one. Going from one to the other is as easy as dropping the front pin removing one upper and sliding the other on.

PDW is about 3 months old. I ran it as an AEG for a while, p* is about a month old, fielded 4 times, SPR upper is about 2 weeks old. Has not been fielded.


Condition: Like New