Airsoft battle set

Need to sell ASAP- Cash

Colorado Springs Colorado


No Lowballs


2 Soft Toy Shotguns,

2 Soft ToyM16's,

2 Soft Toy Shotgun Ammo Cartridges,

2 Soft Toy M16 Ammo Cartridges,

2 Barrels of Soft Toy BB's,

2 Olympia 35m Range Walkie Talkie's,

2 Safety Glasses,

2 Battery Stocks for Soft ToyM16's,

2 Battery Packs for Soft Toy M16's,

2 Cables for Soft ToyM16 Battery Packs,

1 Dual-ended Micro USB Cable for Walkie Talkies

1 Piece of Cardboard Paper


Additional Cold Steel Training Knife

-The reason I am selling this for so cheap is because on the almost all black shot gun, the ammo release button is jammed, and you can use the piece of cardboard paper to hold the ammo cartridge in place while shooting.

Thank you for viewing my offer!

Condition: Used