Tokyo Marui MK23 (One Working Mag) (No Flashlight Case Included)

               [!] By the way this gun is not GBB it uses green gas but does not blow back, (there is no other option for this specific model of gun) [!]

This Tokyo Marui MK23 is the same exact model that your favorite airsoft youtubers use. This pistol is a very silent pistol and is manufactured by the very well know and highly respected brand Tokyo Marui (based in tokyo), This gun was used for about a day or two of airsofting and was a very good and reliable gun, and the only reason im tempted to trade it, is because I looking to get a TM Hi Capa 5.1 (gold match or not). And at this point I don't have enough money to purchase one, so I decided that trading my almost no used Tokyo Marui mk23 would be a good idea.
I also have one non working mag that would only need a little bit of maintenance to fix but I don't have the silicon oil and o ring replacements to do so

Condition: Like New