MOD 4 Systema PTW M4/M16

FIRST LOOK-UP Systema PTW: ( the website.

Used only three times in the last 10 year. Comes with four 180 round mags. Has "Gold" chamber that shots around 400 fps and is a custom upper was a gift to the original owner for help get Systema PTW to America and he didn't now what to do with it. So I trade it with 10 years after he got it and got it cleaned up. Safe, Semi, and 3 round burst all work great.
Troy hand guard, MOE foregrip, and Evike custom red/green reflex dot. Blue M4/M16 pistol grip. Adjustable hop-up in mag well. Collapsible Stock. Battery small tamiya with adapter for 9.6v 1600 mah battery (Matrix Num-chunk).
Iron sights from a Classic army M4.(Flip-up)
Not for Beginners.
Willing to trade for Hpa stuff of equal AK
style or close to value with some money.

Condition: Like New