SRS A1 26" Looking for plate carrier set up, HPA, or DSG

Before you offer me a condor tactical please know I have roughly $900 into this srs.

That being said the plate carrier's I'm looking for are gonna be Crye JPC with full pouch sets. (or something of this sort) Or other reputable brands (Shellback, Ferro, such like that)

Guns i'd consider trading for are upgraded AEG (DGS, SSG, DMR, builds.) Or HPA engine doesn't matter.

This is a 2019 run of the SRS A1 in the 26" length, The gun has more shots to get sighted and broken in than it ever saw on a field. I ran it twice in games. The gun is tuned in for a 270' shot with .46 and chronos at 490 with .25 (local field limits) The gun has some extras being, 3 Mags, a leupold 4-12 scope, an m160 spring, the WASP spring guide (please note WASP not included) SRS .308 suppressor, Silverback F.A.S.T. Hop, Silverback tactical bolt knob. Also ships with original box.

Condition: Like New