KWA M9, SIG SAUER P226, WE-Tech 1911, M4

I’ll be way more lenient on prices if you buy more than 1 gun - we can strike a deal!

I realized that I’ve spent more than I need on a good quantity of Airsoft guns, and after going to an Airsoft field, I’d rather have less guns with better quality/more magazines/accessories.

Please take my guns! I need cash more than I need guns lol. If there’s a really good trade you can offer, I’m open to discussing with you (I’m a sucker for trades).

KWA M9 ($130)
- Comes with 1 magazine (green gas)
- NEVER been used in an Airsoft field by me
- Great condition! This gun is by far my favorite. It’s full metal, solid, and has a bit of wear.

SIG SAUER P226 with Carbine Kit ($170)
- I’ve posted this gun earlier on this subreddit. There are a few changes.
- Comes with 3 magazines (only 1 works, other 2 fully leak. I can provide O-Rings for you to try out.)
- The Carbine Kit is in great condition.
- At this point, I feel like this package is either a project gun or a boneyard gun. Here’s what happened: I was taking the bottom portion of the gun apart in order to clean it and it explore, but a tiny pin fell out and I have no idea where it came from. I still have the pin, but ever since the pin fell out the trigger doesn’t reset. It shoots once and doesn’t reset. So if you’re a good Airsoft tech, maybe this is a steal for you? Don’t know.

WE-Tech 1911 ($100)
- This gun has been in my possession for the longest time. It’s honestly such a beast in that it’s freaking solid and refuses to break.
- I have 4 magazines. They all hold gas, but I think 1 or 2 mags slightly leak.
- There’s wear on the gun, but it functions well!

GameFace SRC M4 RIS CQB ($110)
- Solid M4 that has never failed me.
- Comes with 1 mag. If you want more, we can discuss it.

Condition: Used