Information about Airsoft Market

How it works

How it works

Here you can find information about how the Airsoft Market works.

What's all this about?
You have Airsoft gear right? Perhaps some things you want to sell? Or maybe you are looking for something to buy? Maybe have something to trade?  The Airsoft Market allows you to connect with other Airsofters to see what everyone has up for grabs.  All you need to do is Sign Up and start searching! Or if you have something to list, simply "Post a New Listing."

What if there are no listing in my area?
Be the first! You never know, someone may be looking for what you have to offer.  Also please help grow the Airsoft Market by inviting your friends! 

How much should I charge?
This is the age old question and is something only you can answer.  We recommend doing research to see what other items like yours are going for.  Then list it as a fair price that makes sense to you. 

Who can join?
We welcome everyone into the Airsoft Market, however, we are constantly looking over listings and transactions to maintain a safe and legitimate market.  The Airsoft Market can be a great thing for the whole community, but we need your help in making sure that the right people are a part of the Airsoft Market. 

How do I know which category to look under?
The Airsoft Market is broken into three different categories: 
  • Looking to Buy 
    • This category is where members can make a listing to request a piece of Airsoft equipment that they would like to purchase.  Other members can respond to these listings with their offerings.
  • Looking to Sell
    • This category is where members can make a listing to offer a piece of Airsoft equipment that they would like to sell.  Other members can purchase their listed item.
  • Looking to Trade
    • This category is where members can make a listing to request a trade of Airsoft equipment that they would like to trade.  Other members can respond with items that they would like to trade.

Carrying out transactions
For the safety of our members, we require that all transactions are processed through Paypal.  This offers seller and buyer protection to those involved.  Our website allows you to accept Paypal payments natively. 
At no time should you ever use "Friends and Family" or other forms of payment where you are not covered by Paypal's Seller/Buyer Guarantees.  If you encounter a scam when purchasing something, simply log into your Paypal account, review the transaction, and report a dispute.  This will allow Paypal to work with you in either getting your product back or payment back. 

Please be aware that all transactions conducted on the market place are at your own risk and Amped Airsoft LLC and/or any of it's affiliates are not responsible for deals gone bad or lost product. You are responsible for setting up deals and carrying them out appropriately and safely. 

Here is a link to the Paypal fee structure for the United States: 

To help with maintaining the market place, we place a small 2% fee onto all transactions completed.  This fee goes back into the cost of running the Market Place and allows us to keep our market place ad free.  If in the future, the cost of the market place becomes larger than the amount collected by this small fee, we may introduce advertisements to help fund the marketplace. 

Website Functionality
We are constantly striving to offer a better market place and would love to hear feedback if you would love to share.  Please utilize our Contact Us page to submit any feedback.

Online Safety Tips

Selling your used airsoft replicas and gear online can be a great way to put cash in your pocket & open up your gear locker for that newnew goodness. However, it is extremely important to practice safe online selling techniques. Here is a short list of tips to help keep you safe!

  • When meeting someone in person, never go alone.
  • Try to meet others in a public location, preferably with cameras (like a Walmart parking lot).
  • Do not invite strangers into your home, or go into others' homes.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.
  • Never give out any personal or financial information.
  • When paying with PayPal, always send money for "Goods & Services" with a description of what you are buying.
  • If you must meet at your house, give your address but not your apartment number, and meet the buyer outside first.  In the event that you meet them and they're making you very uncomfortable, send them on your way and go back inside. You run the risk of being rude and you lose a potential buyer, but if you are not comfortable talking to a person outside of your home then you should not invite them in. (For the record, it's very unlikely you will ever have to do this, but it's good to give yourself the option just in case.
  • If you're not using Google Voice already, you should sign up just for Airsoft selling purposes. The number you receive will forward to your current number and, if any weirdos get ahold of it, you can just block them. It's a really easy way to protect your privacy and still retain the convenience of giving out your number.
  • Make sure to conduct safe practices and never risk your safety.